The Daily – 10/23

Word of the Day: Coconut Milk

Notable / Highlight of the Day: One of the flavors of Thailand is a dream to my tastebuds. I sidn’t appreciate just how much I loved coconut milk until I took today’s cooking class. 

I met Jay through couchsurfing and we had made plans to check out a cooking course together. He was vegan, and I was simply interested in technique more than meat. 

I rented a bike and was the first to arrive because I had assumed I’d get lost in this not very well laid-out city, but made it on my first try. Hannah soon followed, and then Marissa, Kate, Marie, and finally Jay. 

And boy did we cook! We first chopped tons of veggies and then entered the kitchen area. In all we made 10 recipes, chili paste, and learned how to cook and color sticky rice. 

Oh, and we ate like veggie kings. By the third course I needed a 2nd stomach. Fortunately they had to go bags, and I was getting quite the pile of leftovers. 

It was such a good group and everyone was chatting nicely. Jay was shy but would have these bursts of liveliness and good stories or thoughts. 

We all exchanged info and Hannah and I talked about getting together later. I also now wanted to go to Maria’s resort on Koh Chang. 

My building has made everything so easy. I can rent bikes, have a full kitchen, and a comfy sofa to lounge on. I reached outto Hannah and she wanted to join me for yoga at six pm. 

On my way out of my building when I was heading to yoga, I met into Alex, a resident of the building. We chatted for about 10 minutes because I had to get to yoga and he had to be somewhere. I figured I’d bump into him again since I still had about a week left in my apartment. 

Hannah and I met up for yoga and ended up wandering the city afterwards, still full from our cooking class. We checked out the night market and finally found a place to sit and grab a drink after many instances of daddy (adopted) daughter or dirty old man. 

It was so good connecting with her and getting to know someone in town. 

Current Location: Chang Mai

Cost of Tea: didn’t have any

Miles Traveled: 0

Miles Walked: lots

Dollars Spent Today: $42 on cooking classes, $15 for apartment rental, $2 for bike rental, $4 on drinks 

People Met: Jay, Hannah, Alex

Mood Emoji: 🥘🍛🍜🍲

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