The Daily – 11/8

Word of the Day: OWTD

Notable / Highlight of the Day: Today is the day they’re going to drop us in the ocean and we’re going to learn what it’s like to scuba dive! 

We started the day with lessons and our final test and all passed with flying colors brcause SSI’s matra is repeat, repeat, repeat. We went over the wrong answers briefly and had a lunch break before getting aboard our boat, which had ‘Big Bule’ painted in the side instead of big blue. The dive school has several dive boats though, so it ended up coming in handy when identifying which boat was ours. 

We were going to perform two Open Water Test Dives today to work on our skills that we gained in the pool and see what scuba diving was actually like. 

And it was AMAZING!!! The visability was terrible, but just sinking under the water, going through drills, swimming around weightlessly, and seeing schools of fish was fascinating. Oh, and my mum will be very pleased to know I got to see a White-Eyed Moray Eel in the wild!!!

I thought the noises in the pool were strange but in the ocean had endless noises. From boats to bubbles and a million unidentifiable sounds. It was such a strange sensation. 

We completed our first two dives and sat on the boat to discuss the sea-life we saw and what we could expect tomorrow. Graeme also instructed us to meet up with him afterwards to fill in our dive logs. 

That night, Issy and I walked down this vegitarian bowl place that was pricey, but really tasty. Diving is surprisingly tiring though, and we went off to bed early after our customary 7/11 stop. 

Current Location: Koh Tao

Cost of Tea: $1

Miles Traveled: 0

Miles Walked: 2-3

Dollars Spent Today: $6 for breakfast, $7 on dinner, $3 on 7/11

Number of Dogs Seen / Dog of the Day: this sleepy chocolate-biscuit pupper!

Mood Emoji: 🏊‍♀️👙📖

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