The Daily – 11/23

Word of the Day: Octopus!
Notable / Highlight of the Day: I woke up feeling a bit like I had been hit by a truck.  I had gotten a pretty solid night of sleep, but wasn’t feeling much better.  After trying to fall back to sleep for a bit though, I failed and slowly got ready to go diving.  I threw on my hoodie and shorts, remembered my log book this time, and shuffled down to the lobby where the scuba place was already waiting for me.
There were a few other people already in the back of the truck who were pretty chatty and excited to go.  I immediately perked up and chatted with the two people who were on the boat…though I cannot remember either of their names!  We made one more stop to pick up two more groups of two, all Americans, and were off to the dive center.
But first, it was important to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!  While there’d be no turkey on the menu, we had a number of Americans with us and we all felt the holiday should be noted.  I chatted with Justin, my dive master for a bit who had just arrived from South Africa with his beautiful girlfriend, Rebecca.
After our pre-dive meeting, we boarded the boat and headed to our dive site.  It was my first time on a speed boat and a much faster ride to the dive sites…which were farther away from the shop than on other dives I’ve done.  The first dive was in and through some caves and we went through some interesting little cutouts and enjoyed some shimmery fish.  Justin, our divemaster, asked for my oxygen at one point, and when I told him I still had 190 bar after about 25 minutes, he had to double check because it seemed too low to him.
It turns out I have a pretty good oxygen consumption rate under water. unfortunately, I was with a group of other newbies and after 36 minutes we were back on the boat.  I could have done my second dive on my first tank of air.  Justin, mercifully, put me in a more advanced group for the 2nd dive, so it was up to me to keep up with a dive-master Rebecca and two trained rescue-divers.
We dove down and our first obstacle was to dive through a chimney pipe formation…we came out around 23 meters and were facing what I could only describe as an underwater vegetable garden!  It was a wall of soft corals that swayed with the current and were blues, purples, pinks, and whites and full of fish.  As we moved through the dive we saw the Brazilian girl who was doing her open water flailing trying to get her instructor to see something in the rocks.  We swam over to discover it was an octopus on the hunt!!!  He was even changing colors and looked super sparkly and beautiful.  He was crawling down the rock face aiming for all those delicious shrimp.
We wrapped up after a lovely 56 minutes under the surface and had a very choppy ride back to base.  So choppy, in fact, that the awning on top of our boat ripped off.  Our 35 minutes out took more than an hour on the way back.  We were supposed to have visited another dive site, but on our way out the captain said the water was too rough and we’d reroute to a different site.
After a nice lunch with everyone at the dive shop, I came back to my room for a quick shower and a nap which ended up lasting until the next morning.
Current Location: Koh Lanta
Cost of Tea: Included in dive
Miles Traveled: 0
Dollars Spent Today: $140 on diving, $6 on dinner, $27 on hotel
Mood Emoji: 🐠🦀🦂🐙
People met: Justin & Rebecca, the divemasters

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