The Daily – 11/22

Word of the Day: old town
Notable / Highlight of the Day: I had made plans to check out the old town with Kerry, which, as I had to peel myself out of bed, I was regretting making any plans and just wanted to sleep.
I got to Kerry’s hotel around 8:30 and her songtheaw driver was ready to whisk us around Koh Lanta. She even thoughtfully saved her pizza so I could have leftovers for breakfast!
We first made our way to Old Town, which is a charming and full of traditional thai styled buildings. There were cute, hand-made craft shops and cafes galore. We weaved in and out of the shops, window-shopping and chatting and settled in at a cafe for fruit smoothies and a gorgeous view.
We made our way back and our driver suggested a pitstop at a lookout cafe which was on our way to the beach. We were not disappointed, Kerry enjoyed a wine while I had a coconut water, but I was started to drag. I was still sick and getting tired, but wasn’t ready to call it a day yet.
We headed over to the beach and picked a lunch stop after some wandering. The beach was far more posh than the beach we were on and it was speckled with beautiful little bungalows. I was done though, and after lunch I headed back to take a nap.
I woke up in time to watch the storm pass and decided to meet Kerry out for one last night before she left for home. We ended up hanging out for a few hours at a bar where local expats frequent and met a few who gave us tips on where to eat and what to check out.
I was diving tomorrow though, so called it a night and wished Kerry safe travels back to the states.
Current Location: Koh Lanta
Cost of Tea: $1
Dollars Spent Today: $2 on a smoothie, $27 on hotel, $6 on lunch, $7 on dinner
Mood Emoji: 🏘

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