The Daily – 11/25

Word of the Day: Stranger Things (upside-down)
Notable / Highlight of the Day: It poured all day. And not just rained, but really really poured. I spent some quality time catching up on my blog, trying to get rest, and binge-watching stranger things.
It was nice out and the rain sounded so pretty so I threw my balcony doors open. There was a bit of a break in the weather, so I headed down to grab a late lunch at the Italian place, and I must say, it was a pretty decent pizza! The guy next to me wanted to talk at me though, so I wrapped up and got out of there.
I went for a run because I needed to get out for a bit but didn’t see much of anyone out and about. I was heading out to Red Snapper for dinner, but no one from the hostel group wanted to join, so I grabbed a tuk tuk and ordered way too much food for one person. But, like everyone from the hostel, not many people were out and about. Like a champ though, I cleared my plate. Wow that was a delightful, creative, and delectable meal. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time.
I thought about meeting everyone, but decided to call it a night as I figured they had been drinking for a while. It turns out they found a bit more party that night and I was relieved to have called it an evening.
Current Location: Koh Lanta
Cost of Tea: free
Miles Traveled: 0
Miles Walked: 2
Dollars Spent Today: $27 on hotel, $6 on pizza, $20 on dinner
Mood Emoji: ⛈🌧⛈🌧⛈🌧⛈
Food/Beverage Highlights: holy shit, Red Snapper is the best meal I’ve had in months (save for Koh Phangan massaman curry)

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