The Daily – 12/30

Word of the Day: lines
Notable / Highlight of the Day: Another bittersweet goodbye with Julie and Stu. I managed to wake up late too, so we only had 20 minutes for tea on the balcony until we had to push-off for the airport. I do really enjoy spending time with them and was so thankful to get to enjoy the holidays with them.
Airport checkin was a little bumpy because I couldn’t use the kiosk check-in and they sent me to the longest line ever that only had one person helping everyone. I started getting nervous when there was 30 minutes until boarding, so I stepped out of line and got into the really short one…and it worked like a charm.
I was randomly assigned an exit row seat which was a pleasant surprise. And about 20 minutes into the flight, a very very tall guy asked the flight attendant, who happened to be passing out meals next to me, to help him locate a seat he could fit in.
I went back to use the rest room and on my way found him folded into an empty row. I offered to swap seats with him, but he declined. As I was heading back to my seat the flight got a bit bumpy, and so I slid into the aisle seat in his row while waiting for the flight attendants to pass with the meal cart.
And it was such a good choice because we ended up chatting for the remainder of the three hour flight. His name is Dave and he’s a law student/model in Singapore. He’s very focused on international law and human rights and has done quite a bit of traveling. We talked about supreme court justices, gay rights including marriage equality, Trump, travel experiences, and exes.
Our landing was delayed because the Indonesian president was flying out of Denpasar, so what should have been a 1:20 wheels down was nearly 2pm. I said goodbye and told Dave to be in touch if he ever made it to the states.
I got in the tediously long immigration line, but since I’m going to be in Indonesia for more than a month, I needed to buy a Visa on Arrival. When it was my turn I walked up to the immigration officer and let him know, and he sent me back to the pay station and told me I had to wait in a different line.
Contrary to my google search, Denpasar Immigration for Visas on Arrival accepts currency from the US, most European countries (Euros, Pounds, Swiss francs) and a number of Asian countries, including Singapore. Lucky me as I only have $20 US bucks on me.
I then got back into a much shorter line and was approved to stay up to 60 days in Indonesia, which is a good thing because I have a lot of surfing/diving/hiking to do here.
The ride to Kima surf camp was very trafficy. But, I arrived after a while and got a quick tour, dropped my bags, got my pre-surfing tutorial, and then went to find an ATM.
Well, maybe 7 ATM’s because I had to pay for my week stay/camp and all the ATM’s were only spitting out $1 million Rupiah, which sounds like a lot, but it’s worth approximately $73 dollars.
I collected money, settled up my bill, and finally was ready to eat dinner and settle in for a swim and then a read.
I jumped into the pool, and looked around to realize that I was the only woman there. The guys were very quick to introduce themselves and chat me up. But I was beat and it started pouring, so I hopped out along with everyone else and read for a bit until my roommate came in. We chatted for a while and he showed me his huge cut that was keeping him dry for a few days.
Claudia also came in a short while later and we all chatted for a while but she needed to eat and he wanted a drink. I was going to join them, but ended up falling asleep for the night.
Current Location: Singapore to Bali, Indonesia
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 1500 miles
Dollars Spent Today: $400 for 8 days of surf camp
Mood Emoji: β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜©πŸ™‚πŸšπŸ₯—πŸ›Œ

The Daily – 12/29

Word of the Day: Urban Oasis
Notable / Highlight of the Day: It was my last day in a major city for a while, and I needed to replace the hiking shoes I forgot in Vietnam. Stu had recommended a drool-worthy shoe and outdoor gear mall, but the prices were astronomical.
I found the most perfect shoes but they were $200 so I decided I’d instead go check out Decathlon that Juli had recommended. I managed to find a decent pair and also not spend all my money. They have these perfect little day packs that at $3! I wanted one so badly but resisted the urge.
I had killed most of the morning with my shoe hunt and eating and decided to check out another side of Singapore. I was ready for a hike, but not at all dressed for one, so crossed the suspension bridge off my list.
I decided to check out the art gallery instead of the gardens by the bay because I was a bit tired and knew I wasn’t going o last more than an hour somewhere.
The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) was a beautiful neoclassical building and the annex was cheery and colorful. The main gallery was turning over to a new exhibit, but the annex had a video installation that I checked out for a bit before heading back. It was interesting and unusual, but nothing to write home about.
One exibit was shots from inside an abandoned property, so you had to look close to find motion, and you ended up studying the minutia.
Juli got home about 30 minutes after me and we decided to have a girls night on club street.
It was super cute and we stopped at a few bars for drinks but we were both tired and I still had to pack and sort through my shit.
We headed back and had one last drink before I packed everything up and prepared for my flight to Bali.
Current Location: Singapore
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 0
Miles Walked: 5
Dollars Spent Today: $60
Mood Emoji:πŸ‘ŸπŸ•ΆπŸΈ

The Daily 12/28

Word of the Day: maid
Notable / Highlight of the Day: The maid was coming today and she’s terrified of Ryleigh and Eva. So I volunteered as tribute to take him out for a few hours so the maid could do her thing.
Juli was working and Stu was working from home, so it was easy. Ryleigh was also exhausted, so when we got to the cafe, Rabbit, Carrot, Gun, he plopped down and 1/2 napped for nearly an hour and a half before he started getting crazy.
It was time to go for a walk anyways through. I threaded us down to the waterfront for a walk, had a phone chat with a friend while walking, and watched the passing container ships.
After getting a nearly clear from Stu to head back, Ryleigh and I made our way back up to the house. We hung out most of the afternoon while Stu continued working on a project and I finished my book.
I was going to walk down to the mall to see if I could find some hiking shoes (I lost my pair in Vietnam). It started pouring though, and Stu wanted me to be in home in time for dinner, so he drove me down there. I struck out but managed to pick up some cookies and tea to replenish supplies I had eaten through.
I made it home before Juli and Stu was getting ready to start cooking another fabulous and healthy meal.
We decided to go check out the fair that was happening around the downtown harbor park which was conveniently near the merlion. We did a big loop, checking out the whole area and even got to watch a light show that was supposed to recreate the northern lights.
There was this crazy, spin you upside-down ride that Juli wanted to go on, but the lines were crazy and it looked scary. Had their not been lines and an anxious Stu, I would have gone.
Current Location: Singapore
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 0
Miles Walked: 4
Dollars Spent Today: $30
Mood Emoji: πŸ•

The Daily – 12/27

Word of the Day: loaf
Notable / Highlight of the Day: Juli was somehow up and moving about when I went to get my morning tea. Stu had left for the gym and Juli didn’t want to sleep the day away.
She had, however, gotten home at 5am and I could only imagine how tired she was. We hung out on the porch chatting about her work and interesting cases she’s had. And were still there when Stu got back.
We had changed gears to what to do today and we talked about walking around the downtown waterfront to check out the merlion up close, going to the movies, or doing nothing but didn’t settle on anything.
It was nearly noo and Juli decided, and rightfully so, to take a nap. Stu and I didn’t want her to feel left out, so we also took naps.
I figured that walking around was going to be too lazy, so instead we headed to the movies to see Pitch Perfect 3, which was perfect in all of it’s campiness.
Stu picked us up after we walked down a row of pretty houses that reminded me a bit of San Francisco, and we headed to Jumbo Seafood to get chili crab, a singapore specialty.
Rama met up with us and we ate some delicious and huge crabs for dinner, 2 of them fed all four of us.
We headed back home and called it a night.
Current Location: Singapore
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 0
Miles Walked: 1-2
Mood Emoji: πŸŽ₯

The Daily – 12/26

Word of the Day: Peddle Power
Notable / Highlight of the Day: Juli had another case so had to fly from Singapore to Bangkok to Taipei and then back, which, I think we can all agree is a long day, not counting that she was working her butt off saving someone’s life.
So, I did what I do best and sat and read for a bit. Stu was hurting from the night before so I was trying to let him rest. The dogs, apparently also tired, slept pretty much all day.
I didn’t want to read my book anymore and decided to do what I actually do best with idle time and took one of the bikes out for a ride along the coast. It was about 12 miles (19ish kilometers). I rode all the way down to gardens by the bay, had a coconut smoothie, and then headed back and I even got some awesome shots of downtown.
Stu and I had a quiet and relatively early evening. He made another tasty and delicious meal and he worked on his project while I read all evening. It was really nice just feeling comfy and settled if only for a bit.
Current Location: Singapore
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 0
Miles Walked: 12 miles biked
Dollars Spent Today: $4
Mood Emoji:πŸ™

The Daily – 12/25

Word of the Day: Presents
Notable / Highlight of the Day: To wake up to birds chirping, 80 degree weather, palm trees, and a swimming pool is delightful most days, but is extra special on Christmas day.
I was heading to the balcony when I heard what I thought was Juli playing with bells. Just as I was about to call out to her, Eva trotted over to me to show off her fancy new christmas collar, complete with jingle bells. She was so proud of it.
We had our Customary Tea on Balcony (ToB) and discussed our day). Juli and I needed to go pick up salad fixings and decided to stop at the acai place, which treats acai not as a fancy health food like we do in America, but instead as frozen yogurt or a healthy dessert alternative.
We were amused but also thoroughly enjoyed our acai / ice coconut twist frozen yogurts for breakfast. Stu was going to meet us, but we found him instead on our way back. He had lost track of time playing the drum set that resides in Scarlett’s room.
We came back to the house to do a christmas photoshoot and go for a swim. And somehow, miraculously, we still hadn’t opened gifts and it was now well after noon.
We hung out for a while and Stu and Juli got to cooking and we all started in on the cheese and crackers.
Finally around four we popped everything open. Juli had sweetly picked out a beautiful and discrete wallet for me which is just the perfect size for travel and a fun color!
I ended up with a package from T which had some essentials I was dearly missing (my shampoo and conditioner and face cream) and some candy that I can only get seasonally in the US that I eat uncontrollably. Lisa also sent me a very welcome box with more candy and household stuff I miss.
Around five Juli’s friend Charlotte came by to hang out for a bit and had brought along egg nog and mulled wine. And then Rama dropped by with his two big dogs and it quickly turned into a party.
We are a feast and Stu made a great steak. We hung out as it poured outside and watched the dogs all play and be crazy in their cute Christmas collars Juli found for them.
But, it was time to call it a night and we all tucked in.
Current Location: Singapore
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 0
Miles Walked: 2-3
Dollars Spent Today: $0 tried to buy the fro-yo but they only took cash
Mood Emoji: πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€ΆπŸ»πŸŽ„

The Daily – 12/24

Word of the Day: Santa’s Coming!!!!
Notable / Highlight of the Day: Juli got home super late from her case, but was up, smiling and ready to start her day!
During our morning meeting, T on B (tea on balcony), we discussed and decided that Juli and I would do a little shopping as she needed some christmas gifts and I needed to replace my flip flop that got chewed just a little too much.
We started our adventure with some laksa before descending on the throngs of last-minute shoppers on Orchard Road.
Singapore does Christmas like it does everything else, with exacting attention to detail and an eye towards style. The street was lines with beautiful decorations and twinkling lights and the interiors of the malls were decked with an abundance of Christmas spirit.
From a humble beginning, Orchard Road is now lined with enough malls to make your head spin. Thousands of people were out to find that something special shuffled happily down the wide sidewalks to see what treasures they could find. The road used to be a country lane lined with bamboo hedges with nutmeg trees mingling overhead.
Our trip was mostly a success, Juli found the shoes she wanted to get for Stu, but the pet camera was even pricier than she had imagined, so left it with the shop lady. In one large, open space, they had set up a huge toy section that was just packed.
Afterwards, we headed back to the house to eat some dinner and rest up before heading over to Gardens By the Bay for Winter Wonderland festivities.
Juli is such an extraordinary planner and never fails to pick fun and interesting things to do. While it was very popular, it was such a big space that it was fine.
We enjoyed watching ice skating with little kids who could not stay up on their feet. I was laughing hysterically. They also had tons of Christmas tunes pumping in with a coordinated light show on the eco-trees.
The highlight though, was the fake blizzard where they pumped fake snow into the air for about five minutes. We sang and danced along to all the Christmas tunes and had a really fun night.
Current Location: Singapore
Cost of Tea: included
Dollars Spent Today: $125
Mood Emoji: πŸ›β„οΈ