The Daily – 11/26

Word of the Day: Thaitanium
Notable / Highlight of the Day: The weather forecast was calling for a monsoon to sweep trough southern thailand and the rain was not letting up. I really wanted to go to Koh Lipe, but it looked like it was going to rain nearly the entire time, per
I made a split-second decision and decided to book my live-aboard birthday scuba adventure for the 28th. And because of this, I headed up to Phuket to check out the island and hopefully see a little sunshine.
I visited the doctor once more before leaving, and she changed my prescription because clearly the strep I had was resistant to the drugs I was on. I swallowed the first pill as soon as she handed me the prescription.
I checked out of my hotel and had the front desk help me with my last-minute ferry to Phuket. On the way, I met Josephina, an Argentinian attorney who, like me, was taking a big, worldwide trip and had quit her job. We chatted the whole way to Phi Phi where we parted ways and I was off to Phuket.
The ferry was uneventful and I had arranged for a taxi transfer to Patong. It ended up being a party, Antonio and Viviana from Italy, the South African girls, and the four Indian guys partying and dancing away the entire ride. Viviana invited m to join them for drinks later, and miraculously, I was actually feeling better, but still had no plans on drinking.
I checked into Bearpacker, because, how could I not with a name like that. It’s so well-branded and clean and the front desk was friendly and even the faucets are bear-shaped. Since I wasn’t heading up to the Similan islands until Tuesday I booked another night.
All of a sudden, I realized that for the first time in a week I could painlessly swallow. The drugs were working.
I was doing some research on what to see and next stops and I fell asleep, missing Viviana’s message and waking up at 10pm. I hesitated for a minute but decided I had to at least walk down the strip and check out the nightlife. And it was chaos. People trying to sell you on girly shows and drinks and flashing lights everywhere. While out I also caught up with Ally on facetime for a bit.
I came back to my hostel and was getting ready to head to bed when I bumped into one of my dorm mates, Charly, who invited me out with a group of guys. I figured I could always leave when I got tired, so I happily accepted his invitation.
As we made our way downstairs we collected about 7-8 other guys and made our way over to the main nightlife street in Patong and went to a nightclub. But not just any nightclub: it had air conditioning. They also had Thaitanium, what I can only describe as Thailand’s version of an edgy boy band, complete with Thai fan girls.
It was so much fun. Charly and the guys were great dancers and just fun to hang out with. We danced all night under a ceiling that kept releasing confetti and balloons. I called it a night way earlier than the rest of them but was so happy to have gone out.
Current Location: Koh Lanta to Phuket
Cost of Tea: included
Miles Traveled: 100?
Dollars Spent Today: $12 ferry ticket, $6 taxi ride, $14 hostel, $7 breakfast, $3 dinner, $3 on beer
Dog of the day: this poor pupper who is in over his head.
Mood Emoji: 🌧🚕⛴🚕🕺

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