The Daily – 1/11

Word of the Day: Stormy Seas

Notable / Highlight of the Day: we visited Batu Balong Temple, Nixoma, and Nusa Dua trying to find a surf sight that was surfable, but with the storms, the seas were all chop.
Had any of us been decent surfers, Nusa Dua would have been ok, but it was low tide and the coral reef was sticking out of the water. Since none of us knew how to turn our boards while surfing, we’d all land in the reef and likely bloodied and battered.
I ended up cancelling the surfing session to try to push my passport process along. And it worked: the guy finally let me know that I could get my Visa photos and finger prints.
We all decided to go to Wacko burger again for dinner, and this time I brought my appetite. Linard was feeling much better and super chatty in Swiss. I was sitting with Christof and Cedric and everyone was smiling until Christof took a bite of his burger and turned a shade of grey. He said he felt fine but ended his dinner early and came back to Kima to puke his brains out.
We, on the other hand, all enjoyed wings and ice creams on top of our burgers: a fat kid’s dream.
Current Location: Bali, Indonesia
Dollars Spent Today: $20 on food
Mood Emoji:πŸ”πŸ¨

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