The Daily – 1/5

Word of the Day: Molten-Chocolate Brownie

Notable / Highlight of the Day: I graduated to level two, now I’m ‘ready’ to surf green waves!!! The guides started teaching me how to turn and control my board more in the water.

One of my favorite things about the camp is that all the guides are Indonesian. They’re not all local from Bali, but it’s really fun hanging out with them. They giggle like no ones business, love singing and playing guitar, and always have a good time. Oh, and they have great names: Risky, Dandy, Adi Ayam, they’re so so great.

I had to work on processing my visa extension, so I couldn’t go out with the level two groups until I figured out how to find someone who can process it faster than the agency the surf camp uses. The guy on the corner said his agent could get it back by the 11th, which was perfect since that’s when I wanted to head out to komodo to go diving with Bruno.

I had a quick surf session because I finally got the appointment at 4 pm and sat and met with the agent. He was saying, yes, can do by the 11th or 12, you should have your passport back by the 15th. Which I explained when he already had my passport I needed it by the 11th. I now expect to have it back by the 17th or 18th and because of this, I likely won’t get to see Bruno, but need to process my passport so I can meet up with Matt at the beginning of February in Sumatra.

What I wasn’t thinking was that Bruno and I could process our passports together because he needed to get his visa. Whoops.

That night, we had a few new guys join the camp and a bunch of us finally went to get those sizzling brownies at the Indian place. Somehow the restaurant was able to accommodate 14 people at a moments notice. They were renovating their 2nd floor dining area so had tons of space.

Leonard and I split a ton of food and Lindsey and I split the sizzling brownie dessert. It was a really fun, impromptu dinner and the sizzling brownie I was dreaming about for days was so worth the wait.

Current Location: Bali, Indonesia
Dollars Spent Today: $20 on meals
Mood Emoji: 🏄🏻‍♀️🤰(food baby)

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