The Daily – 1/6

Word of the Day: Washing Machine

Notable / Highlight of the Day: I went out in the morning two star session with Maureen a New Yorker who’s here for a few weeks. She’s better than I am, but fun to hang out with.
I caught the first wave I tried for and then went off the front of my board and felt like I went through the spin cycle of a washing machine. I was covering my face with my arms, thank goodness, because the board hit me and gave me a pretty big bruise. When I stood up I managed to get hit and knocked down by a succession of three waves. I wish I had video as it must have been hilarious to see.
But, I was then scared to get back out there and surf. The guides were encouraging but the waves looked huge when they were coming at us in the water. I hung out for a while and the guides finally convinced me to try a few more times. I caught a few more waves and definitely struggled to get back out through the waves.
But I did it, and was thoroughly exhausted, and slightly more frightened of the ocean.
That evening, after hanging out and eating too much, we all went down to a burger place for dinner. Bali belly seems to be rotating through as Lindsey got sick in the middle of dinner. It was delicious though, and I ate so much that I had to donate 1/2 my burger to Fabricio and Cecil.
Current Location: Bali, Indonesia
Dollars Spent Today: $15 on food
Mood Emoji: 🌊

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