The Daily – 1/7

Word of the Day: Boy & Cow

Notable / Highlight of the Day: The morning session was exhausting. Paddle paddle paddle paddle and then get smacked by a whole lot of waves while trying to get to the lineup. I’m catching them when I try, but wow they move surprisingly fast and getting up on the board seems like a bad idea. But, I’m doing it.
The afternoon was spent just loafing around the communal outdoor space chatting, eating, and joking. As usual there was a cheery group of guides playing guitar and teasing each other.
It was Tom’s birthday and Bianca had the brilliant idea to make a reservation at the steakhouse as Tom had wanted to go a few days ago. So our group of 8 walked down and found a very hip and trendy steakhouse that looked like it was in an old warehouse but was probably new construction.
The meal was delicious, huge, and really pricey. We even had a bit of fun with one of the murals in the hallway.
Most everyone from dinner was done for the night, but Christoff, Linard and I, along with several others from camp headed out to La Favela for some dancing. The place looked like the inside of a pirate ship and had mediocre music, but we had a blast dancing all night and watching Fabricio hit on girls. I had even danced with Max for a minute, but decided I didn’t want to five him the wrong idea.
When I got home I had a text message from Jade saying she had gotten engaged!!! I called her up but my phone was nearly dead so I could only say congrats before darkness. A few of us hung out for a bit longer before calling it a night.
Current Location: Bali, Indonesia.
Dollars Spent Today: $70
Mood Emoji: 🌊

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