The Daily – 1/8

Word of the Day: Waterfalls

Notable / Highlight of the Day: Adi was taking Bianca, her friend and I to a beautiful and huge waterfall so We just hung about for the morning. Unfortunately I had woken up at 6:30 and couldn’t fall asleep, so it was a lot of hanging around.

Adi let us know he was here and we piled into his car. And then we drove and drove and drove, slicing through the middle of the island for two hours, looking at rice paddies, volcanoes, a huge lakes until we turned down a steep, bumpy, one lane road and bobbled along with a dozen uniformed school kids chasing along.

We arrived in the hot, dusty parking lot and piled to stretch and start our short hike to the waterfall. It was quiet and green and there were quite a few stairs. But it was a short walk and within 20 minutes we were staring at a huge, beautiful waterfall.

The water was cold but we dove in anyways and alternated between swimming and basking in the sun. Adi took a few pictures of us before joining us for a swim.

There was a path off to the side that we explored which led to three more waterfalls and a small cave, but the sky was starting to cloud over and we wanted to get out before the rain. So up up up we went until we were back at the car for a long ride back.

We stopped for lunch at a JFC, Indonesia’ knock-off version of KFC. And, as Sam was staying in Ubud, we made a detour to drop her off which added some extra quality time in the car. But her and Bianca were giggling like kids in the back and Adi was happily driving while giving us many examples of how to us the word fuck in traffic. Yeah, Bali has a lot of traffic.

It ended up being a quiet night, eating at Kima and hanging out with everyone.

Current Location: Bali, Indonesia
Dollars Spent Today: $10 on food
Mood Emoji: 🏊‍♀️🌋

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