The Daily – 1/9

Word of the Day: Sun’s Out

Notable / Highlight of the Day: The day was full of surfing, sunshine, lounging, and lazy plans. I haven’t gotten used to the height of the swells that roll in well above my head, nor the speed at which my board moves when I catch a wave.
I also don’t particularly enjoy getting tumbled in a wave and worrying where my board is. I gave myself a nice ‘tattoo’ on the back of one of my arms when I was protecting my face from the board. Glad I did it though.
The afternoon session was a challenge though. There was a group of American guys who came to the camp the day before, Andrew and Evan along with our usual suspects, Maureen, Bianca, Melody, etc. The shore break was so challenging and exausting we all ended up on the beach after getting pushed back over and over again. I have no idea how Doris made it out or caught anything as everyone else was flailing. We should have started a beach bon-fire there were so many of us sitting out because it was useless.
I do love watching the guides surf though, and was holdig my board up to protect myself from the sun with the girls standing behind me to also bask in the shade. Delon finally convinced me to get back in towards the end of the session and I nearly immediately caught a great wave and rode it nearly to shore. Still can’t turn though.
Fabricio, our Italian Cassinova and Wad/Aladin were leaving that night and I was so sad to see them go. While it was fun to flirt with Fabricio, they both added to much life to the camp and were so inclusive. I hope our paths cross again some day.
We had all talked about going out, but ended up with everyone hanging in and going to bed early.
Current Location: Bali, Indonesia
Dollars Spent Today: probably about $20
Mood Emoji: šŸ˜‰

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