First a quick note. About 99 percent of this blog is written and edited on my phone, so please pardon any typos!

And now, about me:

I found myself in limbo: in a life that was no longer fitting and in a job that was no longer challenging.

My ex and I split in the fall of 2016 and everything around me turned to dust.  Food had no flavor, I could sleep for hours but would feel exhausted.  I could not focus on work and the most menial tasks felt hurculean.  I could not keep moving in the direction I had been and I could not keep being a storm cloud drifting from friend to friend looking for support without giving back.

So here I am spinning around the globe, taking my own eat/pray/love journey of sorts. I blew up my life entirely and in this strange position few adults find themselves in.  I no longer have a huge mortgage, adult responsibility, or a job. I am tackling the things I have wanted to do for years and discovering new adventures every day.  I have listened to the call of the mountains, the siren song of the beach, and found the open road.  It will not last forever but I am not ready to settle back in just yet.


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